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Join a community of experts and entrepreneurs in the Relevate Business Community. No fluff, right to the point. Real world skills backed by science that you can apply in your business right now.

  • Learn sales, marketing & technology techniques
  • Refine your operational processes
  • How to guides, resources and templates
  • Ask questions & share ideas
  • Accelerate your business skills
  • Get tips and advice on the right software for your business

The Relevate Community is a supportive community of business leaders who want to grow and scale their operations. Join the community and we can help you do the same. Hurry, there are limited places, we are about quality not quantity.

Get a full 365-degree view of your customer, grow your business and keep your new and existing customers returning back for more.

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Learn From Our Community

Get real business skills to take you places

Learn how to chose the right software for your business

Learn best practice methodology and set yourself up for long term success

Create one to one customer relationships that scale

Join our community and take your business to the next level with FREE courses that help you make the most of your tech stack.

Whether you need to skill up or are interested in any of these areas:

Customer Entanglement to keep people in your ecosystem

Digital Transformation to make your operations run on autopilot

Pricing and Providing Value that unlocks new revenue streams and improves your bottom line

Marketing techniques that maximise your reach and attract your dream clients

Team Development to make sure your staff treat your customers that way you would

Productisation and Servatisation so that you as the business owner can stop being the bottleneck

Scaling your Business so that it can operate without you and becomes a sellable asset

Or whether you are interested in seeing how you can:

Save hours, days or weeks of work by using business automation

Follow up with customers and nurture them to be great customers with marketing automation

Make your life easy when sending out an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail – A.K.A. Newsletter)

Getting your back-end processes to run more efficiently

Backing up your data allows you to work in the cloud from anywhere with virtual desktops



The Relevate Community is for driven and motivated Entrepreneurs and growing businesses with big goals. Join this group if you aspire to go global, enter new markets or go through your next phase of growth.

This is not for lifestyle business owners, side hustles, passive revenue seekers or anyone looking for an easy win.

There are other business owners with similar challenges who can share their experiences.

Draw on the collective wisdom and experience of the group.

We are connectors that introduce people and create value for each other.

The aim is to provide practical and measurable techniques for growth rather than just saying we should grow.


We are selective about the quality of the people in our network and all members must be accepted after a trial period.

This is not an outlet to vent and complain; it is a place to solve problems and take action.

We don't deal in the fluffy stuff such as mindfulness, wellness or NLP. There are other groups for that.

Your value should shine through by demonstrating your expertise. No spam allowed.

Nothing against life coaches but we are highly focussed on growing our businesses. We are not coaches coaching coaches or lifestyle businesses.


We do not allow spamming of other members or any topics such as crypto or that require licencing such as financial or legal advice.

Network with great people

Join hundreds of other Entrepreneurs and business leaders in growing their businesses. 

Weekly Online Networking Sessions

An Online Forum With Tons of Resources

Build Your Community Profile and Share Your Expertise

Members of the Relevate Community usually find that it has helped them transform their businesses, saved them hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in manual administration, allowed them to automate significant parts of their business, follow-up leads more effectively and get their lives back.

We provide a collaborative network of partners and help guide you through our analysis, design and build cycles; all you have to do is trust the process.

Check out some of our member testimonials below:
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What's included:
Join the newsletter and get updates
See upcoming events
Limited community access
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Get one-to-many expert tech advice and join a supportive community


USD/month (billed quarterly)
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All Free Features
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For network activators that are primed for business growth  


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All Accelerator and Free Features
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Uplevel Mastermind
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Apply to join the Quantum program to take business growth to the next level.


USD/month (quarterly and annual available)
Get access to the Relevate Community, one-to-one Digital Transformation advisory and access to advanced resources and connections. Get hands on implementation support in building and automating your empire in a done with you approach.
Access to Acelerator and Enterprise Uplevel (and Defence if applicable)
Regular one-to-one sessions to drive towards goals
Strategic introductions to key stakeholders and high value individuals 

Add ons

The Relevate Community is the intersection of skills, education and collaboration. If you want to take your tech career forward or if you would like to join the growing defence industry, join one of the ares below as an addition to membership.


Join the Education program to take your career to the next level. Learn the skills to be a cloud consultant, technician, system administrator or work in a related field.


USD/month (annual available)
No Prerequisites. Get access to the Relevate Community and its resources for a career in Digital Transformation, whether you want to start your career in tech or transition from another career path. Get mentoring and guided support to accelerate you in your learning journey.
Access to the free Relevate Community
Free and discounted certification exam vouchers
Access to mentors and professionals
Network activation sessions
Advanced resources
Learner Only Forum
Links to other networks and learning resources.


For Defence Industry organisations primed for business growth. Join the Defence area and get advice and guidance on how to approach the defence market.


Sign up to Accelerator or Uplevel and apply to join Defence area as a bonus. What's included:
Members are vetted for fit and security purposes
All Accelerator features
Higher level discussions
Network activation sessions
Advanced resources
Weeky Defence Industry Only Zoom
Defence Only Forum
Calendar of Defence events
Links to other networks and resources.

Overcome your next business challenge

There are tons of experts, partners and other business owners who have a wealth of experience. Ask your questions and share your roadblocks; the community is here to help.


I’m Avon, and after talking with many business owners and executives, one thing is clear. Things aren’t going as well as they would like.

One told me he felt like the Sun King – everything revolves around him. Another said she wasn’t clear on what motivates customers.

Others haven’t fully made the transition to digital and are scared the digital revolution will leave them behind.

Digital Automation in Volatile Times

There are new threats in volatile times, but new opportunities emerge, too.

Can digital acceleration offer new opportunities for growth and long-term business value for your business?

Here is the problem with many businesses today (especially founder-led businesses):

  • Too much IP in the Founder’s brain.

And not enough is converted into duplicate systems and processes. 

Therefore, the real value of the business will be diminished.

Do you want to sell your business for a tidy sum in the future?  It won’t happen unless every method and process has been systemised and optimised. 

Network and learn with a community of entrepreneurs that are going through or have have gone through all of the challenges you have ahead of you.

Join the Relevate Community.

Founder and CEO

Our Mission

To provide entrepreneurs with practical and measurable real world skills to help them survive and thrive in the ever changing world of business.

Our Vision

To create a world that is faster, more efficient and more connected.

Our Values

Community builders – we are better together. Building our networks and connect people together to make big things happen 

Knowledge Sharing – we don’t hoard information, instead we try to share it, make sense of it and  help others find answers 

Action takers – we follow through with our words and make things happen 

GoGivers – making connections and helping others comes back around. We grow by growing each other.  

Continuous improvement – The world is constantly evolving. We help each other to challenge norms, to grow and to always be improving.

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